Somebunny To Love

Can anybunny find me – somebunny to love?

Over the years I have collected quite the stash of  fabric and yarn.  Last year I decided that I wasn’t going to buy anymore until I’ve put a sizable dent into the collection. I’ve been pretty good about it too. I’ve been able to make plenty of gifts essentially for free and they’ve been some of the better gifts that I’ve given. In my opinion anyways. The only additions that I’ve made have been in the form of accidentally shrunken sweaters and ripped jeans.
This bunny was made out of one of these shrunken wool sweaters, some flannel from my stash, and some reclaimed cashmere yarn from my old job, all three elements making him unbelievably soft. He is stuffed with wool batting which will retain heat making this guy perfect for cozy little cuddles.  He came together really quickly. Such a fun little project. The pattern came from Hazelnuts found via craft blog.  I also saw a post about this bunny forever ago on one of my favorite blogs terrallectualism, which I forgot about until after I had already given the little guy away, and came across the post again. It must have hopped around my brain until it was time for me to make my version. I love how things have a way of coming full circle on the internet. It’s like six degrees of separation for blogs.
Since the cashmere yarn is reclaimed (ie: unraveled sweater scraps) it has a bit of a kink to it, which added an extra element of yum to the tail.  Its my favorite part of the bunny.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

DIY Sponges

In my quest to buy less stuff, I started to make my own sponges using the plastic net bags that some fruits and veggies are sold in at Trader Joe’s. It’s a pretty easy process. I use two or three bags per sponge. I like to use the smaller bags that have ginger or garlic in them, and stuff them with the larger bags the onions and limes come in. Then I stitch the outer bag closed and do a line of stitches down the middle to hold everything together and that’s it! When you take your produce out, make sure you open the bag with scissors so you have nice straight edges to work with.

They hold soap really well and are excellent scrubbies. They last a few weeks and don’t get stinky like regular sponges do. I have a little stock pile of bags ready to sew up whenever I need a new sponge, but I’m trying to not buy produce at Trader Joe’s anymore, so eventually I’ll run out. Long Beach has a few really great sources of produce, which I feel really lucky about, but they don’t package produce in the plastic net bags, which is really a good thing in every aspect except for DIY sponges.

Deneem the Dolpheen

I’ve turned into somewhat of an (eco) hoarder. My neighbor came to me asking for a vet recommendation. I have so many animals that he thought I worked for a vet. I told him that I don’t work at a vet office, but I’m one divorce away from being a cat lady. I just find it hard to say no to a stray or to throw away perfectly “good pieces” of fabric. Even if the perfectly good piece is part of a pair of ripped jeans. Don’t even ask me about the glass jar situation in my garage.

While skimming through pintrest one day, I came across a whale made out of denim and I knew I was on to something with my pile of ripped jeans. My stepdaughter LOVES dolphins and her birthday was coming up. I did a search for dolphin softie patterns and came upon this little cutie. I put it all together this is what I gave my stepdaughter. I have to say, when I see her carry it all over our house or schlep it back and forth between here and San Diego, I get a little smile on my face.

My favorite part of the whole project is the way the eyes came out. I used glass faceted beads backed with felt circles.