Deneem the Dolpheen

I’ve turned into somewhat of an (eco) hoarder. My neighbor came to me asking for a vet recommendation. I have so many animals that he thought I worked for a vet. I told him that I don’t work at a vet office, but I’m one divorce away from being a cat lady. I just find it hard to say no to a stray or to throw away perfectly “good pieces” of fabric. Even if the perfectly good piece is part of a pair of ripped jeans. Don’t even ask me about the glass jar situation in my garage.

While skimming through pintrest one day, I came across a whale made out of denim and I knew I was on to something with my pile of ripped jeans. My stepdaughter LOVES dolphins and her birthday was coming up. I did a search for dolphin softie patterns and came upon this little cutie. I put it all together this is what I gave my stepdaughter. I have to say, when I see her carry it all over our house or schlep it back and forth between here and San Diego, I get a little smile on my face.

My favorite part of the whole project is the way the eyes came out. I used glass faceted beads backed with felt circles.

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